MTP Implant System - Great Toe Total Implant

Manufactured by Implants International Limited

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Additional Sales Information: Manufactured in Britain by Implants International Ltd. and marketed through Xtremity Solutions Ltd.

Product Description

3 - Part System

•     Anatomic Metatarsal

•     Neutral Phalanx         

•     Standard or Anatomic Mensicus

Designed to restore optimal anatomical movement whilst preserving as much primary bone stock as possible.

Bone-interface geometry of the metatarsal and phalangeal is treated with a dual-coating of Plasma-deposited, Commercially-pure, Porus Titanium Powder, crowned with a layer of Hydroxyapatite. This highly Biosympatic layer provides optimum bone-interface to encourage rapid osseointegration.

The articular surfaces of the metal implants have been super-polished to improve wear. Our UHMWPE implants have also been surface treated to enhance tribology.

System is supported by a set of user-friendly instrumentation contained in a single sterilisation tray.


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Implants International Limited

Technology / Healthcare

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