MicroGuard™ Anti-fog coating for plastic(s)

Manufactured by Peerless Plastics & Coatings Ltd

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Additional Sales Information: Benefits: • Anti-fog • Abrasion Resistance • Optical Clarity • Chemical Resistance • All-round protection • Durability

Product Description

MicroGuard™ Anti-fog is a revolutionary anti-microbial hard coating that has been specially developed and formulated to give enhanced protection against bacteria using silver ion technology. This unique anti-microbial coating boasts the abrasion and chemical resistance of all our other Peerless protective coatings, with the added ability to halt the development and spread of common bacteria. This coating is the Anti-Fog option, making it the perfect solution for a range of uses, it has already been used and tested within industries such as Healthcare, Veterinary, Dentistry, Food Processing and Aerospace.

MicroGuard™ Anti-fog has been independently proven to be >99% against NL63 (Human Coronavirus) under the ISO21702:2019 test method, meaning that it also offers Anti-Viral performance.

• Eyewear/Face coverings – Visors, goggles, safety glasses
• Marine equipment displays
• Aerospace instrumentation
• Automotive instrumentation
• Refrigerated vending machines
• Refrigerator windows
• Greenhouse windows
• Glazing windows, skylights, etc.

Manufacturer Profile

Peerless Plastics & Coatings Ltd

Engineering / Plastics

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