Martindale - Abrasion and Pilling Tester with TestWise Touch™

Manufactured by PPT Group UK Ltd

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Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester with TestWise Touch™, available with up to 9 stations and adaptable to test a wide range of applications including textiles, socks, leather, coated upholstery, carpets, wood and shirt collars.

We were involved in the development of the original Martindale with Dr Martindale and WIRA in the 1940s. We have since established our position as a leading supplier with over 60 years of testing and development.

Fully flexible
Available in 2, 5 or 9 station models, equipped with kits to test abrasion and pilling on textiles, socks, leather, coated fabrics, soiling, wood, laminated and more.

Unique ergonomic design
Gives access to all stations from the front, and the 9 station Martindale has a hinged lid which lifts to allow full access to the tables without lifting off the top plate.

TestWise Touch
Simple to use TestWise Touch control system, providing optimum lab efficiency. A toughened glass cover stands up to laboratory wear and tear.

Precision clamping
Rings twist onto each station securing test materials with ease.

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PPT Group UK Ltd

Engineering / Machinery

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